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Here is a mailing went last night. Will be distributed on a regular basis. The format will change a little bit more. This and the next I will publish in the blog and on FB, but then it will go only to the leaf. Subscribe!.

Hello, dear readers,.

You are the first xxx people who read this newsletter, I thought of as a kind of summing up the month and the announcement of plans for next month. Perhaps it is good practice - to sum up. Therefore, a monthly newsletter and I will share here that I personally think it's important in my professional life in the activities of the companies I work with, about the events that happen in our community, or that take place outside, but either .
The letter will consist of three parts:.
a. The results of last month ( major events ).
2. Plans for the near future.
3. What are the themes in our information environment have interested me in the past month. It is not always there will be links, as I watch a lot of things in the correspondence or personal communication. And on some topic in a month is too many sources to list them all.

The first couple of months I'll be experimenting with the format. And your constructive criticism will be very important to me. Well, for your recommendation to friends and colleagues I will be grateful.

Use this information is completely free, by giving a hyperlink to a page control distribution.
http://groups. google. com / group / ddtech. with the comment ... The first couple of times I will publish the text of the blog, and then dispatch will be autonomous and, although information can be gathered from various sources, I'm not going anywhere its publication in the same form.

If you know any events that might be interesting for our community, I am happy to discuss them and, if considered necessary, is included in the mailing list.

What changes have taken place in my social media? . Below I will provide the main means of communication that I use.
a. My Blog. http://dennydov. blogspot. com /. I 'm from 2007, and in which I collect information useful in my opinion, for entrepreneurs and angels.
2. My Twitter. http://twitter. com /. in the classical format of Twitter (which I see that I sing ). Here a little personal, a lot of work here, I throw the little anecdotes and jokes (many think it is my authorship, although the right to regard them as quotations ), here I am writing travel books. And the reference to publication in blog.
3. My Facebook activity is now divided. All my public activities I carried on a page. http://www. facebook. com/pages/Dennyd/148974728496045. And an account of his I will soon leave only a few hundred personal friends.
4. My profile on Linkedin. http://www. linkedin. com / in / dennydo. In which I can easily aktseptovyvayu all who in any way associated with technological business.
5. My Channel on Youtube. http://www. youtube. com / user / dennydov. To which I post the video recorded by me or for me. Most of them are published on the blog, but if you find exactly the video with me, here is easier.
6. Mailing list to which I will send a letter once ( at most two, if it is a worthy cause ) per month. http://groups. google. com / group / ddtech.

What is important for us to 1: Most likely, we will seek a partner to the placement of a Startup Crash Test. Conditions are very simple: 300-500 people, desirable WiFi, free of charge. We have no sponsors and does not want to collect money from participants. If you have any ideas - write, I will be grateful.
What is important to us 2: We are looking for work 5.3 part-time students to build bases startups. A lot of money do not promise, but skipping over all educational programs and partnerships Conferences. Ispytateny term - by arrangement - includes work at home, and then convert to the office of rats. A year later - we take away stuff in the incubator and consulting company. English, learning ability, the ability to search for information on the Internet.

a. In January 2011 we rebuked seminars in the incubator, which auditioned about 50 people, in February we received from start-ups sammari and took the next step. Companies have turned out decent, many of them surprised ( the incubator program is designed for start-ups, and half of the participants are already quite mature ). All the details can be found at the incubator. http://www. growthup. com /. In groups on Linkedin. http://www. linkedin. com/groups/GrowthUp-startup-incubator-3802117. , FB. http://www. facebook. com/pages/GrowthUP/203102809703337.
2. We gathered on February 26th at Startup Crash Test 19 AKA Kebab 107 people, not so much as write ( 270 ), but still, in spite of frost, gathered a lot of smart people. Reports will soon have available at this site. http://www. sctest. org / kiev /. , A group of FB. http://www. facebook. com/pages/Startup-Crash-Test/143049555758350.
3. Along with the SCT BBQ hosted a conference UX-Ukraine. http://uxukraine. com /. Which attracted a large number yuzabilistov from Ukraine and not only.
4. At this weekend was another event that has become another milestone in our GTUG. http://gtug. org. ua /. on the way to world domination. The competition for HTC Android developers. http://htc-android. com. ua /. , Passed Hackaton.
5. The blog was not a lot of interesting entries, but this month you can point out two: one about smoking, marketing, advertising, and my attitude to this business. http://dennydov. blogspot. com/2011/02/blog-post_09. html. And the second about my experiences with Android devices. http://dennydov. blogspot. com/2011/02/blog-post_20. html. Reiterated his comments about the video from the film The Social Network. http://dennydov. blogspot. com/2011/02/blog-post_3469. html.
6. As part of our activities focused on student ( youth ) audience, I read a paper on ... http://university. aiesec. kiev. ua /. Organized by AIESEC. http://aiesec. kiev. ua /.

Plans for the Future of:.
a. Like last year, is in full swing preparing the conference iForum, the organizing committee meets once a week, has already sold several hundred tickets ( 50 of them were sold to SCT BBQ for the ridiculous price of 120 hryvnias ). The Conference plans to be one of the largest (if not the largest ), and collect the 3500 participants. Will be held as usual on 1st April. More information at:. http://iforum. com. ua /.
2. We continue to cook for two trips to the Valley to the April (which goes as much as two organized groups ) added the June trip, on which there is still room. If you have questions - contact me in the mail.
3. March 25 will be Kiev Startup Crash Test. Theme, as always, will be announced in two weeks, and the presentation of the projects can be submitted now. Watch for details on the site. http://www. sctest. org / kiev /.
4. The April SCT, most likely, will be devoted to games. We have almost agreed on everything.
5. Began to plan the next STC BBQ, there are some difficulties, carried on the discussion forums. http://dennydov. blogspot. com/2011/02/startup-crash-test-bbq-summer. html.
6. To complete the plans for the SCT, write what we are talking c initiative groups in Israel, Estonia, Czech Republic, Romania and Poland for the event there. If you have guys who could have done at the local level, what we do in Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow will be grateful for introdakshn. We need a couple of people who could spend 20 hours of time every one - two months on a regular basis.
7. Group of friends (up to 40 people) is going to go to Amsterdam for a conference in late March TheNextWeb. We have good discounts on tickets, and we will, if we collect 20 wanting to make a two-day nedorgo minikonferentsiyu in Amsterdam before. It will be cool. Who cares - write.
8. May 14 Growthup together with Cisco in the program will work with students to hold a conference for youth entrepreneurship. We will focus on the students (one day, Saturday). The price will make democratic ( UAH 300 students, the rest of 600). If you are interested in cooperation in one form or another - welcome.
9. Is in full swing preparing for the Fall Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe 2011. There is a place, date and major anchor speakers. Looking for partners in Europe.
10. Arthur Orudzhaliev undecided, but likely will be in March next webcafe, watch for announcements. http://ain. ua / tag / webcafe.

The following trends, for which I attended last month:.
a. The standoff in the market for media content distribution. Google vs Apple.
2. Steve Jobs' Illness and care for his sick, I think this is also related to withdrawal from Apple 's senior vice president of Industrial Design Jony Ive (iPhone and iPad its offspring ).
3. A new round of rumors of Android-powered phone from Facebook.
4. Middle Eastern revolution, without which the Internet and social media would not have occurred. The development of p2p clients for FB and TWI, so you can share information, when the country off from the Internet.
5. Rumors and scandals ANgel List, the creator of which I am familiar. Good to be able to see the arguments on both sides. In my case - are two types of outside ( from the angels and start-ups ) and an inside (from the Founder access ).
6. Barcelona. A large number of plates (mostly in Android) and Union of Nokia-Microsoft, a dual impression. On the one hand the union of two losers in the market, but on the other hand there may be (and is rumored ), an interesting structure of the transaction. But now there are two major alliance MS-Nokia, Google-SonyEricsson number of manufacturers of omnivorous - HTC, Sansung, LG. In addition, Barcelona Viewdle presented its new product.
7. Secondmarket. They are interested in the SEC and is likely to require accreditation of how the stock area. Capitalization of FB on it reached 70 yards ( I think because of supply shortage ) on the same site a couple of funds managed to accumulate a decent package of Twitter.
8. Start a new algorithm for Google, as I was told the guys there a couple of years ago, ...
9. In a conference SF The Launch, which was done by Jason Calacanis. The conference was very good, but because of a boycott by the TA can be seen it was not. I've long been looking at the conflict - Arington Calacanis, who reads my blog - to date. Here, I monitor all the piles, which AOL gets from buying TC.
10. Assange still expelled from Britain, and it looks like he will get the full program.
11. LinkedIn blocked in China. Together with the FB and TWI. I find it a positive. In terms of weakening the company's policy on frendingu, if the stupid Hindus be added the Chinese will be very sad.
12. Apple complicate the life of SaaS applications within their ecosystem. symbolic.
13. Twitter has blocked several applications UberMedia for violating rule base. Given that Ubermedia controls 20% of all publications in Twi, the war looks like. A few days sitting around Twidroyd.
14. Just dying market paper books. Shares of Borders fell to 86 cents, which means that each store Borders is 100k USD. I think that they have traded below book value. symptom.
15. And of course, Milner and YC. All are still arguing.
16. Alena Popova has launched an interesting project Poster Startup. http://startupafisha. ru /. - Now all of Russia's (and other ) events can be found in one place.

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Healthy living: the experience of the library - branch № 2

How to talk about. healthy lifestyles in the library. ? . Arzamas uses. various forms of. in their work. I would like to single out such activities:.

  • Bibliochas ... in the form of chemistry lesson. It was unusual for librarians and fun for high school students. The above experiments the influence of alcohol on blood, video sketches, recommended books and articles to read on the subject dispelled the myth of harmlessness of beer. (As the basis for such an event can take a. Post. ).

  • Discussion Hour, ... A story of. Petrushevskaya ... (. story. presented on the site. ' Coffee room '. ). for high school students. Drugs - is unknown, the forbidden world and, like all unknown and forbidden, is particularly curious. The story became a kind of warning to the children of an ill-considered action, and an occasion to debate on the topic ... And, as expected, dominated the material desires. After reading the story and the conversation was recorded once again wishes guys. The predominance of material desires is now blurred wishes of good health grandmother, a desire to return to Chechnya, and others familiar. Participants in the discussion hour came to the conclusion that the true proverb ...

  • Health Hour with elements of the training ... gave the audience an idea of ​​reasons for the failure of tobacco use and has helped shape the skill of quitting. Group members talked about the disastrous effects of smoking on health and the effects of smoking on the body, which can be seen - it changes the look: colors and the smell of skin, hair and nails. We decided that smoking can be harmful and dangerous to human health. But apart from convictions do not smoke, you must have the ability to reject the presence of. Forming two circles, participants called reasons why people smoke and do not smoke. After completing the exercise it was clear that the reasons not to smoke than to smoke, so the wheels have turned out different-sized. Then, sitting in the general circle, teenagers passed by one cigarette, trying to persuade the other to smoke, finding out what methods of smoking cessation may be. Having examined what are the forms of rejection of an undesirable action, and then practiced in a variety of situations that require denial of the actions:.

- One of the teenagers smoking cigarettes has kids passing by;.

- The young man asks a classmate to write off their homework;.

- She persuades her friend, instead of lessons to go and see the new film;.

- A stranger offers a ride it girl.

  • Hour message ... was held for senior citizens, members of the club ... This event required the preparation on the part of librarians, and members themselves. Librarians have prepared a review of the book ... Club members receive advance on the book - the novelty of a healthy lifestyle, read them and share the acquired knowledge. After this began actively discussing: how to eat right in the post, it is helpful or harmful to starvation,. Dining or not. How to maintain. a healthy lifestyle. not in words but in deeds.

(based on annual reports ).