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Healthy living: the experience of the library - branch № 2

How to talk about. healthy lifestyles in the library. ? . Arzamas uses. various forms of. in their work. I would like to single out such activities:.

  • Bibliochas ... in the form of chemistry lesson. It was unusual for librarians and fun for high school students. The above experiments the influence of alcohol on blood, video sketches, recommended books and articles to read on the subject dispelled the myth of harmlessness of beer. (As the basis for such an event can take a. Post. ).

  • Discussion Hour, ... A story of. Petrushevskaya ... (. story. presented on the site. ' Coffee room '. ). for high school students. Drugs - is unknown, the forbidden world and, like all unknown and forbidden, is particularly curious. The story became a kind of warning to the children of an ill-considered action, and an occasion to debate on the topic ... And, as expected, dominated the material desires. After reading the story and the conversation was recorded once again wishes guys. The predominance of material desires is now blurred wishes of good health grandmother, a desire to return to Chechnya, and others familiar. Participants in the discussion hour came to the conclusion that the true proverb ...

  • Health Hour with elements of the training ... gave the audience an idea of ​​reasons for the failure of tobacco use and has helped shape the skill of quitting. Group members talked about the disastrous effects of smoking on health and the effects of smoking on the body, which can be seen - it changes the look: colors and the smell of skin, hair and nails. We decided that smoking can be harmful and dangerous to human health. But apart from convictions do not smoke, you must have the ability to reject the presence of. Forming two circles, participants called reasons why people smoke and do not smoke. After completing the exercise it was clear that the reasons not to smoke than to smoke, so the wheels have turned out different-sized. Then, sitting in the general circle, teenagers passed by one cigarette, trying to persuade the other to smoke, finding out what methods of smoking cessation may be. Having examined what are the forms of rejection of an undesirable action, and then practiced in a variety of situations that require denial of the actions:.

- One of the teenagers smoking cigarettes has kids passing by;.

- The young man asks a classmate to write off their homework;.

- She persuades her friend, instead of lessons to go and see the new film;.

- A stranger offers a ride it girl.

  • Hour message ... was held for senior citizens, members of the club ... This event required the preparation on the part of librarians, and members themselves. Librarians have prepared a review of the book ... Club members receive advance on the book - the novelty of a healthy lifestyle, read them and share the acquired knowledge. After this began actively discussing: how to eat right in the post, it is helpful or harmful to starvation,. Dining or not. How to maintain. a healthy lifestyle. not in words but in deeds.

(based on annual reports ).

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